General Plastic Corp S.A. is an organization with vast experience in both the domestic and international markets and in the production and development of plastic cards. It also employs a committed and highly qualified work team to offer you the best service and treatment.
These approvals are the official authorizations of the brands to produce their cards, which are subject to the strictest security and quality standards as regards both production and information management. These approvals are renewed every year, ensuring the continuity of our production for their products.
ISO 9001:2008 standards are a series of quality standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
Among their most significant benefits are the reduction of rejections and the continuous improvement in the quality and security of the production process or service provision.
The confidentiality ensured by a company in the local market with experience in the field, certainty as to the search for continuous improvement in internal procedures and the service provided to the client portfolio, the best ratings and performance in respect of delivery dates at highly competitive prices and quality certified to ISO 9001:2008, and the service of professionals with vast experience in the local and regional markets as regards plastic cards and their applications.
Thanks to the wide range of products available, General Plastic Corp S.A. meets the needs of prestigious local and international banks (Banco de Galicia, Banco Nación de Perú, Banco Río Santander, HSBC Bank, Banco Nación), renowned health insurance companies (OSDE, GMS, Medifé), governmental institutions (production of driving licenses, security credentials) and well-known telephone companies (Claro, Personal, Movistar).
The Card Service Bureau is our personalization and finishing department for the cards produced in our plant. The different personalization processes include embossing (raised printing), thermal transfer (flat printing) and the encoding of magnetic stripes and barcodes. We also provide different security elements and packing options for phone cards.
The uses of plastic cards may vary depending on the need and format sought. They generally work as credit and debit cards, ID and access credentials, phone cards, or as a part of a loyalty program (gift cards).
En condiciones óptimas, es decir uso y almacenamiento responsable y adecuado, los plásticos puede llegar a alcanzar una durabilidad de entre 5 a 10 años.
In addition to our vast experience and credentials, we work with the best raw materials and the most cutting-edge technology which, combined with our highly qualified staff, satisfy the strictest security and quality standards throughout the entire productive process.
You just have to contact us over the phone or by e-mail. Our account executives will advise you and provide you with further information about our products and services, supplying a global solution tailored to your needs.


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