We continue growing

While leading the Latin American market in technology and services for plastic cards, integrated solutions and data processing, GPS continues growing.

Upcoming PCI Certification for Visa and MasterCard

Next month and for the first time, the company will undergo a PCI certification process, both in respect of software and hardware, adapting new procedures, networks and information systems in order to produce EMV cards, chip-based payment cards for Visa and MasterCard.

We aim higher

GPC has embarked on a new expansion project: it is currently working on the opening of a new plant.

Cutting-edge technology

Aware of the importance of updates and innovation, GPC has made two purchases which make a difference in the market.

The first credit card

The first credit card was conceived during a dinner among friends in 1949.
Frank McNamara had gone shopping with his friends next to the Empire State Building in New York. When dinner was over, McNamara reached for his wallet for cash to pay the bill but could not find it. He swore this would never happen to him again and merged the idea he came up with at the time, together with the fraud-free loans of credit cards, with the possibility of not having any cash on hand.


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